Benefits Of Adding Rider Registration

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Accurate Planning

Pre-registration allows you to more accurately plan for your event by having a listing of participants already committed and invested in it.

Pre-registration also helps protect your ride from cloudy days that might also have people staying home, but will choose to still come out since they are already pre-paid.

Ride Memorabilia

We are also able to offer RIDE SHIRTS and PATCHES as part of the process as well. Shirts are a great way to promote your event and offer more value to those participating.

With advance sales and riders indicating what size shirts they need – you’ll also avoid having to invest in unwanted shirts. You’ll have exactly what you need.

Promotional Materials

We can also help develop graphics and promotional materials – including posters and cards to professionally represent your ride.

We are able to advertise your event digitally, and with our traditional print media partners

This helps with sponsorship and encourages ride participation.


2021 Rider Registration Event Packages

Reasons to Ride is offering the following discounted package for 2021 rides –

  • Premium Event Listing on RTR ($100 Value)

  • Banner Ad on RTR to Promote the Event ($150-600 Value)

  • Social Media Support for the Event ($250 Value)

  • 1000 Handbills to Promote the Event ($250 Value)

  • 100 Basic Posters to Promote the Event ($200 Value)

All included in the Basic Ride Registration Package for $250

Additionally we can add 100 Basic Ride Shirts for just $500! That’s only $5 each!*

Please Note:

  • Sponsorship packages are available and RtR can assist in arranging sponsorships in some cases – but not all and there is no guarantee of this. Please ask for more information if interested.

  • Design fees may apply, but can be waived in some cases for sponsorship consideration. Must be arranged in advance.

  • You do NOT need to use RtR for shirts, but samples will be needed in order to properly promote the shirts and ride in advance.

  • Revenue from pre-sale shirts may be applied towards the purchase of additional shirts for sale the day of the event at NO out of pocket expense to the host organization or charity.

  • Pre-Registration Fees are paid to the host organization at the completion of the event, less any charges still remaining. Up to 50% of the Pre-Registration fees can be drawn towards the initial registration and ride costs as received. The balance of pre-registration fees and shirt sales are held til the day of the event as RtR is responsible for processing any refunds necessary – such as organization.

  • There is an online processing fee applied online, similar to purchasing a concert ticket. This is meant to cover the credit card charges and processing. In most cases this is less than $5 and is paid by the Rider not the Organization. Additional fees may apply if shirts are shipped in advance.