Blue Wombat: Analog’s ice-cool Hodaka restomod

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If you’ve followed Analog Motorcycles’ work, you’ll know that founder Tony Prust isn’t a fan of doing things half-cocked. This 1973 Hodaka Wombat is proof: Tony’s original goal was to simply get it running and onto the winter ice near his Waukegan, Illinois workshop. But pretty soon, it turned into one of the tidiest two-stroke restomods we’ve ever seen.

“The functionality of taking a vintage off road bike to your local park or trail never seemed practical to me,” says Tony. “However I have always loved the Hodaka brand, and when I had the chance to grab a couple of Hodakas at a swap meet a couple years back I scooped them up.”

“Hodaka always had the best model names: Road Toad, Dirt Squirt, Wombat, Combat Wombat, Super Rat…the list goes on. No one comes up with names that fun anymore. I have since collected books and paraphernalia from the Hodaka brand.”

Both Hodakas were parked in the shed until last winter, when Tony decided to revive the Wombat 125 as an ice-riding beater for friends to learn on. But as soon as he dragged it into the Analog shop, he realized there was a lot more wrong with it than he thought.

“I quickly discovered that this bike was already severely tampered with,” he says. “It had the wrong diameter forks shoved into the stock triples and an unknown front wheel. Then when I went to clean out the fuel tank, it leaked in more places

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